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Able Rehab Staffing LLC

Our initial request from Able Rehab Staffing LLC was to develop a platform for the automation of medical staffing requests from Able's clients to their employees via sms. At the time we began, the entire process was performed manually and there were many uniuque aspects of the communication process that we needed to capture and relay. We worked closely with them to plan the project and create exactly what they needed which ultimately saved the fast-growing company invaluable time and money.

Upon completion of the application, we were honored to further our goals of the project by developing their website and business card, utilizing their branding they had on hand.

AR Staffing

AR Staffing

AR Staffing is resale platform and front-end for the application we developed for Able Rehab Staffing LLC.

We dove into the overall concept of what the staffing application provided to AR's clients and created a logo, business card and website to brand and promote the platform and services it offered. One of the features was combining contemporary colors and type to stand out in a more traditional field.

AR Staffing

Power Screening

Power Screening is a heavy equipment company supplying rentals, parts and and service for large scale land moving operations.

They came to us with an outdated website, but updated and current branding. The requirements were for a WordPress based theme to be developed from the ground up to accommodate internal site managment. We delivered a Foundation 6 based custom theme with a custom theme and plugin to showcase their vast array of machinery that they supply. The theme parallels their current branding and plugin and sports a user-friendly backend for easy managment of equipment profiles.

Power Screening

Rent Mini Cranes

Rent Mini Cranes offers a relatively new product to the market called mini cranes which fill a niche in the crane market and industry.

Rent Mini Cranes is held by the same company as Power Screening. So we were able to take the core theme and plugins and utilize them to create a unique experience. Thus leveraging resources in order to save on time and costs for the overall development, which maximized their investment. We were able to tie in the supplied branding to create a site dedicated to customer communication and sales for this new-to-market product.

Rent Mini Cranes

Front Range Tax & Consulting

Front Range Tax & Consulting offers accounting and tax related services in the Front Range.

FRTC came to us to have a website and logo created. After reviewing their services and target market, we were able to develop a logo that is both current and timeless. We believe it cleverly captures the essence of both the professional services offered, the company name and their targeted region. We spent some time reviewing optons and customized a solution for them via a single page website utilizing WordPress. It provided the company with easy content management and a corporate identity system that worked well for the client and their audience.

Front Range Tax Consulting


Dissoniq Music Loop is a music festival featuring artists from across the world specializing in a technique called looping.

Our client came to us looking for both branding and development services. After learning more about the project, we suggested a WordPress platform and to create a site that would capture the real spirit of the festival. The finished product is showcase-worthy as it utilizes some great effects and styling cues.


Sam The Concrete Man

Sam The Concrete Man provides quality concrete services across the central states.

We've assisted them with the management of their websites and launch of their new locations through their online presence as they continue to expand and grow their company.

Sam The Concret Man

5-Star Reviews


MicroMacro Technology takes the guess work out of hosting and managing my website. I send them updates and they are up quickly. Their pricing is as good as any of the mainstream hosting and administration companies out there, but they go above and beyond with the personal service they offer. I would recommend them to for anyone who needs website assistance.

-Paige, Toujours Belle Salon


I was pleased with the service I received from MicroMacro Technology. Christoph contacted me shortly after I posted on Craigslist, that I needed broken screens replaced on several laptops. He gave a me a good price, offered references and provided a specific time period when the work could be completed. He even came to my Downtown Denver location to pick up the broken laptops on a weekend. They were repaired and back in working order within 24 hours.
I highly recommend micromacro technology based on my positive experience.

-Shane, Individual

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