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Give your site a name with our convenient domain registration services. Do you already own your domain? Transfer it to us and we can manage it for you. Enjoy a free domain transfer or registration with one of our available hosting plans. To make it even easier, we will take care of your domain renewal for free annually with that hosting plan.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Top Level Domain Names do you offer such as .com or .net?

We currently offer .com, .net, .biz, .us, .org, .info, .name, and .me TLD’s for one consistent flat fee. We can accommodate additional options upon request such as .io or .ninja.

If you would like more information about additional TLD’s, please let us know.

How long are your registration terms?

We currently offer one year (annual) renewal terms. We find them easy to manage utilizing credit card auto pay. We may offer additional term lengths in the future.

When do you recommend transferring a domain to you?

The best policy for transfers is to begin the transfer process at least 30 days before the domain registration expires. This is because it can take up to 2 weeks to transfer the domain between registration sites.Of course you can transfer the domain as soon as you want to move it to our system for assistance with managing it.

The transfer also acts as a one year renewal with our system so once the domain is transferred, you will have one year until your next renewal.

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