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We develop all of our websites using a proven platform called a content management system, which allows for rapid development, numerous design options and a large variety of add-ons. Whether you want to start a personal blog, an online magazine or a social networking site, we can get you going.


We build on a solid and proven foundation that keep things simple, yet robust.


Keep up-to-date with a responsive website design.


Make an impression with a website that is fresh and current.

We recommend starting with a CMS.

A “CMS” or “content management system” is a computer application that allows for publishing, editing, modifying, organizing, deleting as well as maintaining website content from a central interface. We recommend them because they offer leverage on the development of dynamic websites.

The CMS options we build upon are Open Source and are free to use and develop upon. Although they are free, people often don’t realize that there can be a sizable investment of both time and money into them for installation, configuration, customizations and support.

For example, WordPress charges $15,000 per year for their Basic Support and $250,000 per year for Enterprise Support ( Please keep in mind that this is just support not development.

We simplify the this by offering a standard development and support rate. We will build your site and customizations, then support it for a low hourly fee.

WordPress was mainly designed for blog websites. However, there are many websites that are using WordPress’ CMS features for creating and managing a regular website. WordPress is perfect if you need to create a blog or create a quick templete type website and do not need to add many custom features and functionalities that would require editing the WordPress core code.

Joomla is less friendly than for installation, configurations and administration. Joomla is mainly designed to be used as a Content Management System (CMS) of a complex website with many pages. Joomla has more CMS features and flexibilities than WordPress. Joomla can manage a website with complex content easier.

Drupal is a lot less friendly than WordPress and Joomla to set up, configure and maintain. The site administration is also very complex and not very user friendly, specially for a non-technical person. However, Drupal is much more capable and flexible for adding custom features, changing or customizing a feature, and customizing the design and brand.

Magento is an eCommerce platform that has the same development curve as Drupal but will perform as a storefront that is very satisfying to the client as well as the owner of the site. Because it is specifically an eCommerce platform, it comes with everything necessary for online sales and has a high level of customization available.

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Most websites require unique development so to best assist you in the creation of your dream website, please let us know a little more about your project and we can provide a custom quote just for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

This is a tricky question to answer as each website will be unique. Our development us usually packaged rather than charged hourly so you will always know what you are going to expect to pay before the work begins. We create comprehensive website development quotes to be as transparent about the steps required as possible.

We offer free quotes for all website development projects and will price match in some cases.

How long does website development take?

As a practice, we offer time frames as part of our quoting process. We strive to breakdown the development time for each step of the process. Please let us know if you have a specific deadline and we can let you know if we can meet or exceed that time frame. For projects with a shorter time frame, we can offer you a quote including rush service if we believe that we can make your deadline.

Can you host my website once it's built?

Yes! We offer a full service hosting platform with packages available for most cases. We can also create custom hosting options to fit your specific needs. You can also register or renew domains with us. You can transfer a domain purchased from another company to us. We also offer private registration and SSL certificates to complement your domain registrations.

Email addresses are also available for your domain as well. (

We offer everything needed to run a successful website, all in one convenient place.

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